Graduated from At Work – Institute for inner health – 2014 – Aarhus. DK. As Mindfulness instructor I instruct individuals or small groups on how we can integrate Mindfulness in our daily lives, and thus achieve improved health, physically, mentally and socially. Mindfulness is defined as the ability to focus attention, in a conscious way “in the now”. Mindfulness is a bodily and very earthy exercise that is easy to learn. Mindfulness is today used in business, private, as well as in the health sector, and is relevant to all, regardless of background or life situation. Mindfulness is primarily drawn from Buddhism and yoga. The course does not have a religious or spiritual dimension. Mindfulness can put you in touch with yourself and achieve a higher quality of life. It can give you a higher level of inner peace and balance, increase your concentration and efficiency in everyday life, reduce stress, give you more energy and higher profits, resilience, patience, perseverance and joy. Give greater self-knowledge and create awareness of own thoughts. You get the opportunity to learn to endure, master and resolve internal conflicts you’ll discover you have. What is going on inside you, what do you feel, what do you think, and how do you react to it. You will learn to meet all, appearing on your mental scene along the way, with gentle curiosity and a non-judgmental openness and acceptance. You get techniques to become aware of your thoughts, feelings and behavior. Gradually you will build a higher level of conscious and balanced being and spaciousness. This applies both to you and to others. During the course you will have an understanding of Mindfulness and experience using mindfulness in everyday life. The course alternates between teaching in a little theory and much practice. You also get the opportunity to share challenges and experiences. The meditations will be supplemented with conversation, which is based on your experiences with the meditations and the daily training at home. It is recommended that you set aside 30 minutes to meditations daily and also, during the days, train to be aware of your presence, using small exercises that integrate into your daily life. Mindfulness can be described as conscious presence – that is the kind of presence that comes from being aware of and accept what is in the present, without judging or evaluating. Research in this field has shown good results for the treatment of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, eating disorders and affective disorders and the prevention of recurrent depression. Please see contact fomula: