Bachelor of Fine Arts

 Specialized in sculpture

Line graduated from Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavik and is Bachelor of Fine Art. Since 1997 she has had solo and group exhibitions on Danish and foreign museums, galleries, cultural centers and institutes, including France, Monaco, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Greece. She has made ​​several outdoor bronze sculptures at home and abroad. Is also artistic coordinator at various art events and artist in residence with the support of the National Arts Council. Is the founder of the multi artistic performance group Culturesheart. She has lived and worked as a performer in France for 5 years. Now lives in Aarhus, DK, where she works at the studio, Spanien 19B. Kalkværksvej 7. Also she works and expose in South of France and in Monaco.

“My sculptures are lived life translated into form. This brings each sculpture to contain its own little story about life and man. Joy, grief, sexuality, anxiety, calm, redemption”. Presence….

Selected reviews:

A stream of passion Liné Ringtved Thordarsons sculptures ooze sensuality. One might be tempted to describe her form as “a lava stream of passion”, but in the entire solid and where the bronze, which is Thordarson preferred material, may seem hard and impenetrable, an expression of organic life and contagious passion emerges. As the same time you register the force of lust, the characters fragility is revealed. Suddenly they appear bare, and as they find themselves out of sight – free for the voyeurs inquiring gaze and in a private space. But they are not! They are exhibited and in a state beyond any modest consciousness. A strong and downright poetic staging of the expressive and the carnal. Lars Svanholm. Art Critic

Paradise tales The new sculptures exude erotic feelings which blossom and open up. Eroticism has been a permanent feature of Liné´s works from the beginning, but it has grown in scale and expression, almost with a desire to meet the audience in an uplifting and liberating way. The sensuality has been released and has become a way of expression, which means that Liné progressively frees herself from the art historical models that have accompanied her, and instead sets up her own independent merge. Goddesses in paradise tales from the garden of sensuality. Or as the poet Pia Tafdrup has called it ‘a spring tide of happiness’. Erik Meistrup, Art critic and Culture Editor

“Linés sculptures symbolize human emotions and experiences in a profound, intense and impressive way. Once you’ve seen them they stay in your memory for a long time and become part of your emotional baggage.” Paulina de Nijs, Master of Art. Director Grafisch Museum Groningen, the Netherlands

Liné really is in contact with her own feelings. She is concerned about how we live with each other. Is it intense enough? Far from always. Modern man does not have the depth of feeling that she could wish for. Yet, she expresses our problems in her sculptures so clearly that they hurt. The intention is that we all come to live in care and solidarity. Through body languages, she strengthens the sensivity. Leo Tandrup. Dr. Phil. Art Historian Art Critic

Talented and booming. Significantly different from her peers. Her works are a reflection of reality as an artist, not least as a woman. A subtle travel in these worlds. Ove Torp. Art Critic

There is a certain inspiration from classical naturalism. Line Ringtved Thordarson develops her sculptures in an entirely personal way with a theme, which revolves around the female universe of experience and characterized by a great psychological insight. Tom Joergensen. Art critic and editor of art magazine

Liné Ringtved Thordarsons new works express more vulnerability, sensitivity. Strong emotions are at stake. Feelings you cannot escape. Expressed clearly and concisely, what the artist’s expression is all about. Bente Hammershøy. Art historian